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solo exhibition

Firehouse Gallery

MAY 2017

This body of work focuses on the perceptions drawn from surrounding environments, -scapes, and spaces of personal influence to present new arrangements of known architectural and natural components. These works represent the dwellings where my memories reside, where my mind often drifts, and where I can pinpoint lingering changes in myself. Beginning with a foundation of pattern creates a sense of equilibrium and grounding on which to build these unsettling landscapes. Ceramic multiples that reference natural patterns combine with paintings that are made up of multiple physical places to construct a mysterious realm of possibility. The paintings become an invitation into another place or a window into another world. The corresponding ceramic installations embody objects from the paintings, providing tangible indications of this other world. Together, the painting and ceramic works tempt the viewer with a sense of wonder to consider their own dwelling and the foundations of their surrounding environment.

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